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CV Summary
CV Summary
Name: Laura Cortés-Selva
e-mail: [email protected]
PhD in Media Studies. Catholic University of Murcia, (Spain), 2012.
Bachelor´s Degree in Cinematography. University of Barcelona, (Spain)
Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies. University of Navarra (Spain), 1998.
Research and professional experience:
Professionally, she has been the director of photography in several short movies,
documentaries, music videos and spots. Currently, she is directing and producing several
projects with media students. After her international PhD study on Mike Leigh and Dick
Pope visual style, she has focused her main research interests in visual style and
methodology. She has publications in several journals and has co-authored textbook
chapters such as: The influence of cinematography in the visual style of films; Analysis of
Dick Pope´s visual style in Mike Leigh´s films; The influence of celluloid digitization in the
visual style of films; El director de fotografía, co-autor de la obra cinematográfica; La
influencia del estilo visual cinematográfico en las series de ficción televisivas; Principales
aplicaciones expresivas derivadas de la hibridación analógico-digital: El estilo visual realista,
Análisis del estilo visual de Dick Pope en las obras cinematográficas del director Mike Leigh,
La influencia de la fotografía cinematográfica en el estilo visual. Análisis del estilo de Dick
Pope en las obras cinematográficas del director Mike Leigh and El sello del estilo visual de
Dick Pope y Mike Leigh: análisis de su obra cinematográfica.
Teaching Experience:
She is a lecturer (since 2003) for the Department of Media Studies at the Catholic
University of Murcia (Spain) in: Documentary Films, Art Direction and Media Advertising.
At UCAM, she has also been a lecturer (2009-2010) for the Master´s Degree in Secondary
education, professional education and languages, and a co-lecturer for the Research
Methodology module for the Doctorate programme of Business Administration and
Management. In addition, she has been a guest speaker in a number of seminars regarding
media studies in several European Universities (Poland, Finland and Italy).
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