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Bonnie Flint UFLA President
Bonnie Flint
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Because SWCOLT is coming to Utah this spring, we will be forgoing our annual UFLA Bonnie F
lint conference and instead co-­‐hosting UFLA President the SWCOLT conference in April. See page 2 for more details! World Languages Coordinator Davis School District INSIDE THIS ISSUE weekend I’ve been participating in an Authentic This President’s Message 1 Language Assessment trainings with Darrel Nicholaisen SWCOLT 2014 2 of the California Foreign Language Project. I never tire of UFLA Awards 3 learning from Darrel or associating with our state’s world language teachers. I am amazed at the number of Professional Development 3 who are willing to give up your precious weekend you Language Specific Orgs 5-­‐7 to improve your craft. time Language News 7 Professional development courses are a great opportunity for teachers to demonstrate professionalism and learn best practices, while making Participate in your regional and national professional contacts. With each training and new conferences whenever possible. Search for and conference I attend, I m able to meet brilliant people attend excellent professional development share my passion for language learning. Because who opportunities. Good conferences and trainings will share the same goals, we are able to learn from and we give you more than just new gadgets and ideas for support each other. the classroom. They will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you do and to interact with In our district, we hired 28 new teachers this year. If I colleagues who are just as dedicated as you. give them one piece of advice, it would be: Get could involved in your professional organizations like AATF, Great teachers create great students. So, whether AATG, AATSP, SWCOLT, ACTFL and UFLA. Additionally, you are a new teacher or a veteran, evaluate what a peer group of like-­‐minded individuals who will be form struggling with the same issues you are. They will give you the support and the forum that you need for discussion, and will help you form life-­‐long professional and personal friendships. you can do to increase your professionalism and improve classroom practices-­‐-­‐whether through conferences, professional development, working with colleagues, or all of the above. 2
April 2014 will be a great month for Utah’s language educators. The Southwest Conference of Language Teachers’ annual conference will be held at Snowbird in Big Cottonwood Canyon, April 25 & 26. Arron Wheeler, a language teacher in Weber School District and President-­‐Elect of UFLA, has been named the local chair of the conference. Due to this conference being held in Utah, we will be co-­‐hosting the conference along with SWCOLT and not holding our regular annual UFLA conference. Utah teachers will be eligible to receive a $100 scholarship to help defray the costs of registering for this conference. (See information below!) We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity that only comes every 7 or so years to Utah. It will be worth your time to be in attendance! We would also like to encourage you to nominate fellow educators for SWCOLT Scholarships and Awards. In the past, many of these awards have gone unapplied for. Take time now to visit the SWCOLT website (http://www.swcolt.org/#!awards/c8k2) and review the available scholarships and awards. Let’s honor some of our own. The Utah State Office of Education, through the
Utah Foreign Language Association, will be
providing grants of $100 for up to 150 teachers to
attend the Southwest Conference on Language
Teaching annual meeting at Snowbird on April 2426, 2014.
code before you register for SWCOLT (that
registration will begin on Dec. 1, 2013).
On Friday and Saturday, April 25 and April 26,
teachers can enjoy break-out sessions, inspiring
speakers, the exhibit hall and many other activities.
In addition there will a number of workshops
available on Thursday, April 24.
Subject: USOE/UFLA Grant for SWCOLT
Registration is normally $175, but the first 150
Utah teachers who apply can receive a discount
code that will allow them to register for only $75 -that's more than a 50% discount, just for working
in Utah!
Apply for the grant money and get your discount
To apply: send an email with the following to
[email protected]
(Tom Mathews, UFLA Executive Secretary).
Include in the body of the email message:
Your name. Your school Your district. Your CACTUS ID (if you have a Utah license) Your phone number (just in case) Since these funds are limited, please don't apply
for the grant if you are not serious about
registering for and attending SWCOLT in 2014.
Do you need or want to improve your language skills? Are you a new teacher but don’t want to “borrow money from every relative you ever had” in order to be able to immerse yourself in the language? There are resources for UFLA members. UFLA encourages its members to apply for the above awards. Information and application forms can be found at our website: http://organizations.weber.edu/ufla/ In addition, you may be able to combine these awards if you receive them with other awards such as scholarships offered to SWCOLT members. You can find more information on SWCOLT scholarships here: http://www.swcolt.org/#!awards/c8k2 If you are diligent, you CAN find resources to help you pay for your learning experience in the target culture. Other possible resources include the AAT organizations (AATF, AATSP, AATG, etc.) and/or other institutions such as the Goethe Institut. Look around and you may soon find yourself the recipient of one or more of these awards. BYU SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR SPANISH TEACHERS It is time again for the BYU Summer Institute for Teachers of Spanish in Spain. June 20 -27 on the
BYU campus and July 2-23 in Spain (Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, León,
Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, molinos de viento de Consuegra…)
Earn 9 credits of graduate work plus USOE credits! It will change the way you teach (for the
better). Scholarships provided by BYU and USOE help reduce the cost to teachers, making this
program an incredible opportunity and bargain!!
Application is open until all the slots are filled.
Questions or concerns?
Please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Nieves Pérez Knapp ([email protected])
National German Week Sept. 29-­‐ Oct. 6, 2013 Check out www.aatg.org Abenteuerspielshow „Ticket nach Berlin“ Every Thursday a new episode www.dw.de/ticket Check out Step into German! For some contests, great music videos, and soccer info Want to join a Stammtisch in your area? Check out the next AATG newsletter or email [email protected] Weber German Camp for students http://blog.wsd.net/jrjackson/german-­‐summer-­‐
camp-­‐2014-­‐5/ German Immersion AATG activity Nov. 9th, 2013 Cook German food and discuss teaching ideas Check out the AATG newsletter for more info News from the Utah German Task Force Many of you know about, or serve on the Utah German Task Force, established in 2008 to strengthen German across all educational levels in Utah and to establish German dual immersion. When the dual immersion program was created in Utah in 2008, German was included as one of five immersion languages, in addition to Chinese, 5|Page
French, Spanish and Portuguese. The first two Portuguese programs were created in Fall 2012, but no German programs currently exist. The German Task Force is currently engaged in intensive advocacy for establishing 3 or 4 German immersion programs in Fall 2014, which includes seeking support from the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (Zentrale für Auslandsschulwesen) housed in the German State Department. Utah schools will apply for immersion funding to USOE by October 31st. The funding priorities for 2014-­‐2015 include new languages in districts that already have immersion programs, and representation of all five languages. With these priorities, German has an excellent chance, but we still need help from AATG members: • Identifying elementary schools with parents who have an interest in German • Facilitating meetings with principals and teachers of an elementary school that is seeking immersion funding (for any language) • Facilitating contacts with school board members If you have "leads" on any of these three items, please contact Johanna Watzinger-­‐
Tharp: [email protected] AP conference East High School in SLC Oct 12, 2013 (Saturday) Sign up for German AP! 1
¡BIENVENIDOS A UN NUEVO CURSO ESCOLAR! ¡Esperamos que hayáis disfrutado de vuestro verano y las vacaciones! Ya hemos tenido nuestra primera reunión de este nuevo curso en el Salt Lake Community College el sábado 24 de Agosto. Tuvimos varias presentaciones interesantes a cargo del maestro Jaime Linares de Horizon Elementary y de la profesora Christine Gonzáles del SLCC. Os invito a todos los maestros y profesores de Español y Portugués a que participéis en estos encuentros ya que resultan muy interesantes desde el punto de vista de establecer relaciones con otros docentes y de compartir recursos e ideas para las clases. ¡No hace falta ser miembro de AATSP para asistir a estas reuniones! Aunque este año no hay Conferencia de UFLA en otoño (SWCOLT en Abril), id considerando la posibilidad de presentaros a las próximas elecciones. Nos gustaría elegir un nuevo grupo directivo de AATSP en la reunión que tendremos en Diciembre, la vicepresidenta Lucia Pascual vuelve a España en mayo, y el resto del equipo queremos ofrecer la oportunidad a otras personas con nuevas ideas y energía y así seguir aprendiendo todos de todos. ¡Es una muy buena experiencia personal y profesional! Normalmente nuestras reuniones son en: SALT LAKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (Taylorsville Campus, Redwood) 4600 South Redwood Road (1600 West) Center for Languages, Building TB (Rampton Technical Building), Room TB 418, 4th floor Highway exits: From I-­‐15, exit on 4500 South. From I-­‐215, exit on 4700 South. El aparcamiento es gratis los sábados. En la página de Facebook de la AATSP-­‐Utah hay un mapa del campus de SLCC. También os quiero animar a que os apuntéis en la página de Facebook de AATSP Utah, donde se anuncian todas las novedades de nuestra organización. Ha resultado un buen punto de encuentro para todos los docentes de Español y Portugués en Utah: https://www.facebook.com/groups/465995050
122569/ Síguenos en Facebook para la confirmación de la fecha de nuestra reunión en Diciembre, posiblemente el primer sábado del mes, 7 de Diciembre. Siguiendo la tradición navideña española, probablemente nos reunamos en algún restaurante español en Salt Lake para felicitarnos las fiestas, despedir el año y pasar una velada inmersos en la cultura gastronómica española. ¡Esperamos verte allí! Por último, queríamos agradecer todo el trabajo de los miembros de AATSP-­‐Utah este año ya que es toda una labor voluntaria, y tenemos como único objetivo difundir la enseñanza del Español y Portugués no sólo a través de la lengua sino de la cultura. ¡Gracias por vuestro apoyo! Presidenta: Chantal Esquivias Vice Presidenta: Lucía Pascual Tesorero: Alberto del Valle Secretario: Brant Lloyd Coordinadora de Comunicación: Maricruz Fimbres Webmaster: Megan Jolley Relaciones Públicas: Sheri Anderson 6|Page
Dear AATF members, associates, and fellow French Teachers of Utah, We hope the beginning of your school year has been a pleasant one. We are looking forward to sharing experiences again with each other. Our next AATF gathering in Utah will be Saturday, October 12 at 11:00 at Murray High School with a "Pumpkin-­‐themed potluck". We want everyone to bring ideas about how to write a better syllabus, how they work with the parents, specific engagement activities (to get the kiddos to be speaking more) AND anything fun they do for Halloween or Action de Jour de Grace. We will also be holding elections to select new leadership for our chapter at this meeting so it is important that all members be in attendance. What: AATF-­‐Utah Chapter Pumpkin-­‐themed potluck When: Saturday, October 12, 2012, between 11 am & 1 pm Where: Room 306, Murray High School, 5440 South State Street, Murray, Utah 84107. Off of I-­‐15 take 5300 South exit. Head east at bottom of exit ramp. Turn right at State Street. Turn right into high school parking lot. Park anywhere near the large courtyard. Front doors are on the east side of courtyard (facing west). Follow signs to 3rd floor and Room 306. Please RSVP to Eric Perry . ([email protected]) We hope to see you there. Sincerely, Your AATF-­‐Utah Officers 7|Page
& Foreign Language Fairs Secondary school foreign language teachers: Mark your calendar now for the BYU Foreign Language Fair, Thursday, April 17, 2014. Due to the ever-­‐increasing popularity of the Fair and space limitations at BYU, the University o f Utah has graciously agreed to host a separate fair for elementary school students. In order to support the U's fair, BYU will not accept registrations this year for elementary school students this year in any language (including Spanish). We are excited about the new elementary school fair at the U of U, as the events will be tailored especially to elementary-­‐age students, who will no longer have to compete with older students for time and attention. On behalf of the foreign language departments at BYU, we express our sincere thanks to the elementary programs that have attended BYU's fair through the years, and we hope those teachers and schools will be equally supportive of the new elementary school fair at the U of U. Elected Board Members:
Bonnie Flint, President
Arron Wheeler, Pres.-Elect
Jake Sigafus, Past-President
Mike Wood, Recording Sec.
Ex-Oficio Board Members
Other Board Members
Tom Mathews, Executive Secretary
Cheryl Hansen, ACTFL Rep.,
Diana Moscoso-Caudell, DLI Rep
Ryan Rocque, AATF President
Greg Thompson, BYU Rep.
Chantal Esquivias, AATSP President
Ko-Yin Sung, USU Rep.
Ulrike Dannhauer, AATG President
Anne Lair, U. of Utah Rep
Shauna Palmer, UATJ President
Isabel Asensio, WSU Rep.
Tina Cannon, UATA President
Jeff Packer, UVU Rep.
Thomas Manning, UCA President
Bonnie Flint, SWCOLT Rep.
Gregg Roberts, USOE FL Specialist
Mike Wood, Newsletter Ed.
Lori Poll, ASLTA Rep
Stacy Lyon, UACT Rep
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