Pío Pista - Charo y Lee

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Pío Pista - Charo y Lee
Pío Pista y María
La Casa del Árbol
La Casa del Árbol
What happened to Pío (and María) at the end of the
last episode?
Who is the Cucuy? Have you figured it out yet?
What do Pío and María feel about having children?
Do you have a tree house?
Would you love to stay in a tree house like these ones?
What chores do you do at home?
Capítulo 1, página 35
Why did Pío and María go back to the Perro Suave?
Why was it difficult to get back to the tree house?
The prize for winning the race is “tres besos y medio.”
What’s that?
Why is there a comma in that number rather than a
decimal point?
How well did each one run the race?
Capítulo 1, página 35-37
So what was María’s secret agenda for this so-called
What is an engañadora?
Could you give a half a kiss?
What happens right at the end of the chapter?
Capítulo 2, página 37
Who’s at the door?
What items does the housekeeper have?
Find the line: It’s dangerous with the Cucuy walking
about (loose)?
Do you remember what rule #3 is?
Is María okay with this boy cleaning the tree house at
this time?
Capítulo 2, página 38-39
Describe the housekeeper.
How do you say “rubber gloves” in Spanish?
Why would Pío and María want to help this boy?
What chores are each one doing?
What happens at the end of the chapter?
Do you snap a friend with a towel?
Capítulo 3, página 39
How does María react to the butt snapping?
Is she really upset?
What does María do to “get back” at Pío?
Should the boy have laughed at this scene?
Would you have laughed?
Should we act out this scene in class or is it possibly
too violent?
Capítulo 3, página 40
What chore is the boy doing?
At the end of the chapter, the boy says “Ojalá yo
hubiera tenido padres como ustedes.” What does that
Are your parents fun-loving like this?
Capítulo 4, página 40-41
Why would the boy have said he would like parents like
Pío and María?
What chores does each character do?
María tararea la cucaracha. What is tararea?
Could one of you sing the lines to the tune of la
What do those lines mean?
Capítulo 4, página 41
Are chores more fun with some tunes?
What tunes do you sing while working?
What is a trapo del polvo?
Why doesn’t María want Pío to dust?
What does Señor Culpable mean?
What did Pío do that was so funny?
What happened that made Pío sneeze?
Capítulo 5, página 41-42
Find the line: It seems we aren’t helping you much.
El criado es amable y cortés. What is that?
Is María warming up to this kid?
What suggestion does Pío offer?
Capítulo 5, página 42
What chore does each character do?
What questions does María have about this boy?
Find the line: What he said is a bit odd.
Would Pío really be a good father?
Is María changing her mind about having children?
Capítulo 6, página 43
Now María is playing around more. What is she doing?
What is Pío’s response?
Why does Pío like how the boy laughs?
So are you suspicious of the boy’s name?
How would you translate “amigo íntimo”?
Capítulo 6, página 43-44
Should we organize a pillow fight in the classroom
right now . . . All in the name of educational
Where does María hide?
Where did the boy climb to get away from the pillow
What terrible accident happened?
Capítulo 7, página 44
Did you ever fall from a tree?
What was Pío’s reaction?
Find the line: I dry his tears.
How do you say: The ambulance is on the way.
How does María help the boy?
What does this mean: Tratamos de cuidarlo como si
fuera nuestro hijo.
Capítulo 7, página 44-45
Why does Pío lie about being the boy’s parents?
What does this mean? Llenamos unas documentos?
What will Pío and María do when with Xavier they get
out of the hospital?
Even though the circumstances are suspicious, do they
think the boy is the Cucuy?
What does María decide they need to do?
Capítulo 8, página 46
Translate: Casi me olvidé del nombre falso.
What does the doctor say they need to do?
Anything suspicious now?
Find the word for a “prescription” in Spanish?
Capítulo 8, página 46-47
When Pío and María try to get the pills to the doctor,
what happened?
What was included with the pills?
Translate the note.
So do you think the Cucuy was the boy? The doctor?
The pharmacist?
Informe, página 47
How do you say “we met”?
Did Pío mention all of the horsing around in the tree
What does Pío assure Mamá?
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