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Pío Pista y María
El Perro Suave
El Perro Suave
What happened to Pío (and María) at the end of the
last episode?
Are they in danger from the Cucuy?
How does the Cucuy know their plans?
What preparations are needed for a Quinceañera?
What type of clothing would you picture for María and
Capítulo 1, página 11
Should Pío and María accept this gift from the Cucuy?
Will it lead them to a trap?
Find the line that says: It might be a trick.
Why does María accept the gift even with the inherent
What do they pass on the bike ride to the tree house?
How would you translate “Dedo de Oro”?
What romantic gesture does Pío do at the tree house?
Capítulo 1, página 12
Describe the tree house.
Is it nicer than you would have thought?
What did María dream about on the plane?
Translate: Más más que menos.
Should Pío and María be interrupted on their
Who (or what) is interrupting them?
Capítulo 2, página 13
So who interrupted Pío and María during their
romantic talk?
Why is Mamá speaking through the Cuy?
What does Mamá want?
Find the line: You didn’t tell me that.
What advise does Mamá give them?
Why is the Cuy so important?
Capítulo 2, página 13-14
What is the difference between “su” amigo and “tu”
What happens to Pío when he gets scared?
Do you have a comfort food? What is it?
Can you find the 5 “vosotros” references in the note?
Translate the note.
Capítulo 3, página 14
Why is Pío so scared?
What is María’s reaction?
How does María know the Cucuy is a Spaniard?
What is the connection with Perro Suave and Islas
Did you think the Canary Islands had to do with birds?
Don’t be silly.
What is Pío’s joke at the end regarding the store?
Capítulo 3, página 14-15
Where (how) did Pío carry Pipi?
Find the line: Or better said . . .
Pío says “Mi esposa quiere celebrar su quinceañera de
nuevo”. What is that “de nuevo” part?
Pío will be helped by the salesman’s assistant. What is
interesting about this assistant?
What’s so special about the blond hair?
Capítulo 4, página 15
What is Pío wondering about this young assistant?
Find the line: Let’s see what happens.
What suggestions does Pío give for a “look”
Torero, zoot suit, superhero.
What’s a zoot suit?
What superhero would be best suited for Pío?
El Perro Suave
Capítulo 4, página 16
At the top of page 16, what is suspicious about what
this young assistant said to Pío?
What is the suggestion from the boy?
Do you know any James Bond films? Goldfinger?
What is the classic spy line the boy gives?
Si le digo, tendré que matarle a usted.
Capítulo 5, página 16
Is it normal for a young guy to want to be a spy?
Find the line: I wanted to be a spy, too, from a long
time ago.
Find the line: He knows the famous spy quotes like me.
Who was Mini Me?
What’s this kid’s name?
Capítulo 5, página 17
Let’s act out this dialog like we did before. Two
Spanish actors to read the lines (and you have to read
them with a really dry voice). Two translators stand
behind them and translate each line, using the same
dry voice as the Spanish actors.
Capítulo 6, página 17-18
Find the line: He’s a boy who likes spy movies.
Describe the suit.
What is a corbata de mono (aka. Corbata de pajarita)?
The boy is offering to watch Pío’s coat. Should Pío
allow this? Why?
Knowing the story, is Pío putting on or taking off his
tie in the illustration?
Capítulo 6, página 18-19
Why can’t Pío leave the jacket with the boy?
What excuses does Pío give and what comebacks does
the boy offer?
Does Pío tell him the truth?
Capítulo 7, página 19
Does the boy think the guinea pig is real?
How does the boy treat Pipi?
Does Pío trust the boy with Pipi?
Find the word for a changing room.
How does the suit fit?
What material is it made out of?
Capítulo 7, página 19-20
What size is 45 for us in the U.S.?
What is Pío’s joke about the size?
Are socks supposed to match the shoes or the pants?
How do you say “match” in this case?
Capítulo 8, página 21
Describe María’s dress.
What did María not get from Pío at the wedding?
Find the line: I’ve never seen such beauty.
What word for handsome does María use?
Is María upset that she never got a ring from Pío?
What’s inside the belt buckle?
Capítulo 8, página 21-22
Translate the note from the Cucuy.
So who was the Cucuy? The salesman? The boy?
What happened to the boy?
What happened to Pipi?
Informe, página 22
How did Pío and María know how to get to the
clothing store?
At the end, Pío tells Mamá not to call. Why not?
What other details does Pío leave out of his report?
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