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Cultural Perspectives PPT
Realidades I - Capítulo 4B
Realidades I
Capítulo 4B
Paralympic Games
• The international
Committee has
organized summer
and winter games that
follow the regular
Olympic Games and
are hosted by the
same city.
Exploración del lenguaje
Spanish words borrowed from English
Languages often borrow words from one another. For example, patio and rodeo
are Spanish words that have found their way into English. There are also many
examples of English words that have entered Spanish. By recognizing these
familiar words, you can increase your vocabulary in Spanish.
Try it out! Read the sentences and identify the “borrowed words.” Write the borrowed words
(English or Spanish) in the space provided.
Quiero hacer videos.
¿Quieres jugar al básquetbol conmigo?
Practico el rugby y el ráquetbol. Rugby and ráquetbol
Juego al fútbol en el cámping.
Fútbol and cámping
¡Me encantan los sándwiches! sándwiches
La noche de los rábanos
• On the evening of
December 23, people
set up booths around
the zócalo (town
square) of Oaxaca,
Mexico, to display
and sell radishes (los
rábanos) sculpted into
a fantastic array of
The letter ‘d’
In Spanish, the pronunciation of the letter d is determined by its location in a word. When d is at the beginning of a
word, or when it comes after l or n, it sounds similar to the d in “dog.” Listen, then say these words:
doce donde domingo
día deportes
When d comes between vowels and after any consonant except l or n, it sounds similar to the th of “the.” Listen, then
say these words: diccionario
Porque puedo, puedes,
porque puedes, puedo;
Pero si no puedes,
yo tampoco puedo.
Español en el mundo del trabajo
Tutoring Spanish children to
help them learn English
Habitat for Humanity  helping
to build homes
There are many opportunities to use
Spanish in the health care field—in
hospitals, emergency rooms, and
neighborhood clinics. This young
woman volunteers in a California
Since many of the patients come from
Spanish-speaking homes, she is able
to speak with them and their families
in Spanish.
“Para mí, trabajar como voluntaria
es una de mis actividades
favoritas. Creo que mi trabajo es
What opportunities are there in your
community to do volunteer work
where speaking Spanish is helpful?
¡Adelante! (Lectura):
Sergio y Lorena: El futuro del golf
• Juega al golf de tres años y a
los 12 años es campeón del
Club de Campo.
• Es el golfista más joven en
competir en el campeonato
PGA desde Gene Sarazen en
1921 y gana el segundo lugar.
• Tiene el nombre “El niño.”
• Su objetivo: Ser el mejor del
• Juega al golf desde los seis
años de edad.
• A los 21 años, gana su primer
torneo de profesionales.
• Ella dice que es muy
importante practicar y entrenar
todos los días.
• Su objetivo: Ser la golfista
número uno del mundo
Rebecca Lobo
• Una jugadora profesional
Rebecca Lobo is a
professional basketball player.
• ** Rebecca wrote a book
called The Home Team, which
tells about her life and her
mother’s struggle against
breast cancer.
• In 2001, she established a
college scholarship fund to
assist minority students who
plan to pursue careers in the
healthcare field.
Perspectivas del mundo hispano
¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?
In many Spanish-speaking countries,
extracurricular activities traditionally
play a much smaller role in school
life than in the United States.
The competition between club
teams is sometimes more intense
than the competition between
school teams.
Many students spend their time
outside of classes studying a
foreign language.
Students generally do not hold jobs.
They spend their time studying, being
with family and friends, and
participating in different activities.
El mundo hispano
Estados Unidos
What percent of the population of the United States classified themselves as being of
Spanish or Hispanic descent in the 2000 census? 12 percent (%)
Who was the first Hispanic astronaut to fly in space? Dr.
Franklin Chang-Díaz
• Who was the first Hispanic female astronaut? Dra. Ellen Ochoa
¿Sabes que…?
Name 2 artists that have musically influenced the United States:
Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Marc Anthony
Name 2 actors that have cinematically influenced the United States:
Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Benjamin Bratt, and Edward James
The Nuyoricans Poet’s Society has become and institution on the Loisaida,
where poets, writers. performance artists, musicians, and visual artists of all
nationalities can find an outlet for their work.
More than half of Miami’s population is of Spanish-speaking decent.
More Mexicans visit the border town of Laredo, Texas, than any other city in the
United States; and more United States citizens visit the Mexican border town of
Tijuana than any other foreign city. They stay for only a few hours.
El fin
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